Sunday, 27 February 2011


Having had an exciting meeting with Sarah Teagle at WNO MAX, I am feeling ridiculously excited about being involved with a project that is very close to my heart.
WNO MAX and The Alzheimer's Society will be teaming up to deliver an inspiring workshop residency for sufferers and their carers. Workshops to inspire and entertain, but more excitingly for me it will be my first actual insight into how drama therapy, an often overlooked modality, can hopefully access and reacquaint sufferers with the 'self'.

"Drama Therapy can be a tool in teaching Alzheimer sufferers to view the self as something that can be made rather than found".

They will be sessions of discoveries. Using sensory pathways rather than cognitive pathways to aid communication. I am looking forward to seeing how creative therapies and approaches are integral to a persons well being and how these experiences and moments might lighten the load for the carers for just a few hours a day, enabling them to see their loved ones in a new light once again.

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