Saturday, 18 September 2010

CWRW, CHIPS A DARLITH DEG - Rehearsal week 1

Week One.
Gwydion, our player, has a spaced out look about him. Hitting him over the head with a frying pan is an option, but logic says that maybe he has information overload having rehearsed non stop for five days on the development and staging of this one man show he is tackling, and indeed side stepping and defeating with considerable ease at the moment. Maybe the Welsh squad could pick up a few tips!?

So what to, what to do? Easy, I ask him to dance. "Hey Gwydion, dance your way through the show".

!!!!!!!!!, he says. But dance he did.

End of week one and we are half way through the script unbelievably. Having spent the first day outlining and defining most of the 15 or so characters he has to create and embody, the show now seems to be developing its distinct rhythm, with its accents and tone evolving quite organically, as if it has its own individual current rippling throughout. It's been quite a technical week for Gwydion. Repeating looks, glances and accents, transference of weight and gear changes, but twas all born from the exploration of the text and the wonderful world of Silent Etude. It is such a joy to mold and sculpt what Gwydion experiences and discovers during those instinctive moments, choreographing the whole thing into a little ballet. Funny, it just seems as though he is dancing! Wonderful.
"Hey Gwydion, are you dancing".
"Why? You asking?"

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