Saturday, 2 October 2010

CWRW CHIPS A DARLITH DEG- Rehearsal week 3

Gwydion has some new best friends. They are called:
With this production being a one man show, they are his only source of entertainment and inspiration on that lonesome stage. Whereas some of these objects represent a character, a memory, others have become an extension of the characters themselves. Developing an emotional connection with some of these objects has been vital, and through the wonderful object exercises we have been undertaking, a whole new outlook to a complex scene has been born. Gwydion has developed a wonderful emotion memory and that memory is now fuelling and imposing itself on the associated scene.
Playing HIS perception of this scene, and to be more specific, his perception of how he would have liked this moment in his life to have been played out has brought a fantastic edge and rawness to his character.
It became very apparent, with over 15 characters to play, that this show could become a little monotonous with regard to its style and approach. Playing around with perceptions and the emotion memories that have been established will hopefully keep the hour and a half fresh and stimulating for Gwydion. If the whole journey and experience is motivating for him, the hope is that the whole experience will be just as entertaining for us.

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